Guiding future growth of the UC San Diego Hillcrest Campus

A new Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) will guide the physical and land use development for the Hillcrest Campus. The LRDP will outline the possibilities for growth in a way that acknowledges the Hillcrest Campus’s unique character and relationship to the community, while ensuring that UC San Diego can achieve its vision for healthcare, research and innovation. The plan will define the urban planning framework and identify population, site capacities and development objectives for the Hillcrest Campus through 2035. 

The current 1995 LRDP was the second comprehensive plan for the Hillcrest Campus, with the first LRDP adopted in 1978. Once approved by the UC Regents – expected in mid 2019 – the LRDP will enable the Hillcrest Campus to plan and develop in a thoughtful and sustainable manner.