Community Feedback Update

We asked community members and UC San Diego affiliates to share their thoughts about the Hillcrest campus – what it’s like today and ways it could better suit the needs of the community, medical staff and students. Through online surveys, feedback forms and open house events, we have received invaluable insight. Most of the feedback relates to at least one of the following themes:

Traffic + Accessibility

Respondents like the proximity of the Hillcrest campus to their homes and/or freeways.

Many would like to see a variety of transit options and more parking close to their offices and work stations.

Hospital Staff + Services

Respondents frequently mentioned Hillcrest’s high-quality and diverse medical staff as a favorite campus attribute.

Some respondents want to see a greater spectrum of healthcare services.

Campus Facilities

Additional campus dining options, with improvements to quality and availability, was by far the most frequently mentioned response.

Respondents also want to see newer facilities and more staff spaces on campus. Many liked the idea of a commuter lounge.

Community Health + Wellness

Many respondents appreciate that Hillcrest serves a diverse population.

Some desired access to fitness facilities including gym equipment, multi-purpose spaces, and a swimming pool.

Neighborhood Amenities

Respondents listed the Hillcrest neighborhood’s distinct restaurants and shops as desirable nearby amenities.

Many respondents appreciate the campus’ existing natural setting and welcomed additional open spaces, both for recreation and healing.

In the future, respondents want to see additional places for Hillcrest staff and community members to eat, relax and socialize.

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