Development of a new Hillcrest Master Planning Study (MPS), the Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) – and its required Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – is a multi-faceted effort and includes consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders: faculty, physicians, staff, adjacent cities and neighborhoods, community planning groups and agencies such as the City of San Diego and the San Diego Association of Governments. The process will take approximately two years and can be divided into three general stages: development, outreach and approval.

Stage 1 – Plan Development

  • Campus leadership forms an Executive Steering Committee, which is an advisory committee consisting of a wide range of campus stakeholders charged by the chancellor. The steering committee facilitates development of a strategic vision for the Hillcrest Campus. This vision will serve as the basis for the MPS and associated population and development projections through 2035. 
  • The MPS process enables planners to study alternative land use scenarios and development implications to accommodate the physical growth associated with the needed program requirements.
  • Existing conditions and baseline studies are developed during this stage of work including circulation and access studies, land use and infrastructure studies and biological resources analyses.
  • The MPS effort will result in a new urban design framework and guiding principles for the Hillcrest campus, which will then form the basis of the general land use plan that is the new LRDP.
  • The steering committee reviews and provides input on the planning and land use assumptions that will be incorporated into the MPS and the LRDP for the Hillcrest campus.
  • An EIR will be prepared for the LRDP.

Stage 2 – Outreach

  • Throughout the plan development process, UC San Diego will hold a variety of community meetings, town halls, work groups and presentations as well as a public scoping meeting and a public hearing.
  • Information on the process will be shared via email, campus publications, websites, social media and more. 

Stage 3 – Approval

  • After extensive outreach, the LRDP and the EIR will be finalized and presented to the UC Regents.
  • The UC Regents will certify the EIR prior to approving the LRDP. Once approved, the LRDP will be considered final and will guide the Hillcrest campus’s development until the next LRDP update.

Process Timeline.

timeline graphic