Environmental Review

UC San Diego seeks to enhance public participation in the environmental planning process through implementation of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and opportunities for public and agency comments associated with the CEQA process.

The purpose of CEQA is to:

  • Inform decision makers and public about effects of proposed project.
  • Identify ways to avoid or significantly reduce environmental impacts.
  • Prevent significant, avoidable environmental impacts by requiring changes in the project.
  • Disclose reasons why project was approved if significant impacts are involved.

The public is invited to participate through public notices, review of environmental documents, and public comments and responses.

LRDP Program EIR

UC San Diego will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Hillcrest LRDP. The EIR will:

  • Allow broad campus-wide issues and cumulative impacts to be addressed comprehensively.
  • Consider impacts of the past, present and future campus development through 2035.
  • Provide an opportunity for a more exhaustive consideration of effects and alternatives.
  • Address broad policy alternatives and program-wide mitigation measures early in the planning process.

CEQA Tiering Process

CEQA “tiering” refers to the coverage of general environmental matters in broad program-level EIRs with focused environmental documents for individual projects that carry out the broader program. CEQA guidelines encourage the use of tiered environmental documents to reduce delays and excessive paperwork. This eliminates repetitive analyses of issues adequately addressed in the program EIR by simply referencing those analyses.

Learn more about the EIR scoping process or contact us with questions.